Small Groups


Wednesday Morning Group

11:00 in Panel Room

This group has been meeting for over 20 years and is one to two groups that  focuses specifically on Bible study and fellowship. There is informal conversation, sharing of ideas, and growth of friendships during this time. 



Wednesday Willing Workers

9:00 in Fellowship Hall

A group whose origin story is a mystery, the Wednesday Willing Workers help to repair and fix things with tender care. The WWW, as they are called, encourage men who are retired or between things to gather together for coffee, fellowship, and cookies. While there are no set rules or requirements for the “worker” part of the name, things break, or wear out, and this group is the first ones that are called. If you are interested, contact any of the workers, or join us on a Wednesday morning.  

Veterans Coffee Talk Community Group

10-12 in the Parlor

Veterans coffee talk is a veteran centered group and we offer fellowship that is unique to the veteran experience.  This group is open to any veteran and they can bring a guest if they so choose. The only think that we  ask is for members to respect this meeting site, be sober, and not be sick as these choices could impact the whole group and can interfere with group members sense of safety and stability. The purpose of this group is to build camaraderie, increase community integration and build healthier support systems among any veteran population. 

Dan Cardwell, Certified Peer Specialist
304-429-6755, Ext. 2600

All groups meet at 9:30


Compiled of people from various backgrounds, they enjoy the fellowship of each other in a relaxed, discussion type lesson each week. Class members share the responsibility of leadership, primarily using The Wired Word resource which links current news worthy stories with Scripture.  Each week they also comprise a prayer list that is sent out to church members, and a collection is taken up to help various community based charities. 


Wesley Fellowship Class

A cornerstone group of the church, the Wesley Fellowship Class is open to all adults who gather for many different reasons. In a casual environment, members of all ages can engage in discussions of the Bible while also grow in their individual spiritual journey. This group uses some outside resources, but they primarily Bible focused. 

FISH Class
(Friends In Service to Him)

This small group was formed for parents of young and school aged children. We aim to strengthen each other’s faith through mutual support, prayer, outreach, and discourse. Our small group meets every week in the Parlor Room (first floor behind the fellowship hall) during the school year (September through May).

They are a growing group representing many families in our church. We understand the importance of developing close friendships within our church, and have continued to be innovative and creative in maintaining this close knit community. They understand the importance of reaching out and bringing new people within our community and the importance of embracing diversity and open and honest discourse on multiple faith based topics.


United Methodist Men

This group’s primary focus is fellowship and raising money for specific programs or needs in the community. They meet on the second Saturday of the month, except for the summer months for breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. One main project that they do is hosting the Baked Potato Bar following a church service, typically in March. 

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women is for all the women of the church. The group organized at First Church 147 years ago to support missions for women, children and youth. We welcome folks at all stages of faith. Some of our women want to attend small groups such as Dorcas circle for faith and fellowship. Dorcas Circle meets the 2nd Tuesday at 1:00. Some are givers, others joiners, and other support the mission fundraisers. They have room for all circles of women-young mothers, teens, exercise, craft, and even online options.